C5 Eco Glove
C5 Eco Glove

C5 Eco Glove

PART NO. S21627-S

The GRIPPS® C5 Eco Glove is a carbon-neutral certified protective industrial workers glove with an in-built tether anchor point. Made from recycled plastic and rubber nitrile, the C5 Eco is the lighter variation to the GRIPPS C5 Eco Impact Glove

GRIPPS® recognise the need to help reduce carbon emissions and plastic waste found in our oceans. Our new C5 Eco Gloves are helping combat both these issues, whilst offering users a substantial level of protection and dexterity.  

The C5 Eco Glove retains all the features of other GRIPPS flexlite gloves, whilst delivering a superior level of comfort and better facilitating the protection of marine life from harmful plastics. In fact, every pair of C5 Eco Gloves re-purpose at least one plastic bottle!

The GRIPPS® C5 Eco provides a CO ² reduction of 227grams per pair. Our manufacturing process provides energy savings of .387kwph per pair and water consumption savings of 5.15ltr per pair. 

The C5 Eco is the second product to be released under the exclusive GRIPPS Eco-Range, which focuses on both safety and the environment at its core. 

As a general practice, tool tethering has routinely been practised by tethering to a belt, bag or area of worksite but with the C5 Eco, you can utilize the built-in tool tether anchor. This means you can now quickly and conveniently tether small tools to your glove directly. Load rated to 2.3kg/5.0lbs this feature alone sets this glove miles apart from regular working gloves.  

What are the features of the C5 Eco glove?   

  • 2.3KG/5.0LBS load rated tether anchor - easily tether everywhere you go  
  • Carbon Neutral Product Certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute - learn more
  • Made from recycled plastic – helping clean our oceans   
  • C5 Cut Rated & ANSI A6 Rated - made of highly flexible glass fibre yarn, for maximum cut resistance  
  • Water-Resistant 
  • Reinforced Thumb crotch for extra protection
  • Superior level of comfort  
  • Maintain full usability of tools  
  • Compatible with the full range of GRIPPS® wrist tethers  
  • GRIPPS Eco Range Item 

With the C5 Eco Glove, whenever you are carrying your gloves around the worksite, you’re also carrying a full load rated drop prevention system. The patent-pending tether non-conductive anchor point is engineered directly into the glove and is load rated for any tool weighing up to 2.3kg/5.0lbs. This tether point allows workers to connect a tether between the tool they are using and their own hand, helping avoid the significant problem of dropped tools on work sites.   
The C5 rated gloves are manufactured from an extra lightweight glass fibre yarn for the highest level of cut protection. Double-coated with a sandy foam nitrile combining maximum cut resistance and dexterity with long-lasting grip. Whether facing wet or dry conditions, these premium safety gloves are ideal for any industrial worker at height. 

The GRIPPS® C5 Eco Gloves are a triple threat, allowing you to protect your own hands, workers at risk of dropped objects and the environment.  

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    • Mechanical Rating: 4544  
    • Cut Level Rating: 5 
    • Guage 13 
    • Max Load: 2.3KG / 5.0LBS  
    • Conforms to EN 388: 2016
    • Conforms to ANSI/ISEA 105 A3  
    • Conforms to ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 
    • Carbon Neutral Certified Product