C5 FlexiLite MKII Gloves
C5 FlexiLite MKII Gloves
C5 FlexiLite MKII Gloves

C5 FlexiLite MKII Gloves

PART NO. S21625-M

The new and improved C5 FlexiLite MKII features exceptional flexibility and comfort with a super lightweight, cut-resistant finish.

Like all GRIPPS® gloves, whenever you’re carrying the C5 FlexiLite MKII around the worksite, you’re also carrying a fully load rated drop prevention system. The patented tether anchor point is engineered directly into the glove
and is load rated for any tool weighing up to 2.5kg/5.5lbs.

The key benefit of tethering to your wrist is the ability to maintain full dexterity and range of motion while on the job. With nothing attached to a belt or external structure, you’re free from tangles, tension and catches.

The C5 rated gloves are manufactured from a super lightweight HPPE knit-liner and double-coated with a sandy foam nitrile, combining maximum cut resistance and dexterity with long-lasting grip. This is a glove that’s engineered to last.

Key Features

  • Improved flexibility & overall user comfort.
  • Super lightweight HPPE knit liner providing maximum
  • cut resistance.
  • Double coated sandy foam nitrile for long-lasting grip.
  • A load rated tether anchor everywhere you go.
  • Maintain full usability of tools.
  • Compatible with the full range of GRIPPS® wrist tethers.


  • Mechanical Rating: 4544
  • Cut Level Rating: 5
  • Max Load: 2.5kg / 5.5lbs
  • Conforms to EN 388: 2016 4542C
  • Conforms to ANSI/ISEA 105 A3
  • Conforms to ANSI/ISEA 121-2018