ICETRED™ Full Sole Traction Devices

ICETRED™ Full Sole Traction Devices


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Designed to deliver rugged durability, incredible traction not only on ice or snow but also when transitioning to asphalt and concrete

  • Made of durable natural rubber that is incredibly tough but maintains its flexibility in extreme temperatures.
  • Extra thick toe cap straps make it easy to fit all footwear styles securely.
  • Six strategically positioned tungsten carbide spikes ensures superior ice traction while maintaining comfort under foot.
  • Rubber traction studs provide excellent traction when walking on snow
  • Extra large heel tab strap makes it easy to pull the heel pad over any footwear
  • Third party tested not to be a spark hazard in gas groups A – D as per CSA C22.2 No. 213-17 combustibility testing protocol. If you require intrinsic safety protection from static discharge, must use approved Electrostatic Discharging (ESD) footwear or clothing and/or accessories that offer ESD protection with our ICETRED™ traction devices.
  • Sizes: Medium, Large and XL