ICETRED™ Mid Sole Traction Devices - Defined Heel
ICETRED™ Mid Sole Traction Devices - Defined Heel
ICETRED™ Mid Sole Traction Devices - Defined Heel

ICETRED™ Mid Sole Traction Devices - Defined Heel


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Designed to deliver rugged durability, incredible traction not only on ice or snow but also when transitioning to asphalt and concrete.

  • Made of durable natural rubber that is incredibly tough and feels like anti-fatigue matting underfoot.
  • Four strategically positioned tungsten carbide spikes provide excellent ice traction performance while maintaining comfort under foot.
  • Quick adjustable elastic strap fits all footwear styles.
  • Hi-Viz Lime Green elastic strap with two silver retro-reflective stripes provide visibility from a distance and in dark settings.
  • MSTD pad can be easily rotated to the top of the arch to remove the spike when moving to indoors or surfaces that can be scratched by the spike for non-defined heel footwear
  • Universal Size.
  • Available in two thicknesses to fit with non defined heels or a defined heel.
  • Unique midsole rubber pad design is made entirely of natural rubber. No metal parts as in other products.
  • Ideal for drivers, delivery personnel or anyone operating machinery where use of a conventional, full coverage traction devices may interfere with driving capabilities.
  • Also excellent for workers that transition from in and outdoor environments. To remove the traction device simply rotate the traction pad from underneath the sole to the top or side of the footwear.
    Allows the user to rotate the traction pad out from underneath the sole.
  • Third party tested not to be a spark hazard in gas groups A – D as per CSA C22.2 No. 213-17 combustibility testing protocol. If you require intrinsic safety protection from static discharge, must use approved Electrostatic Discharging (ESD) footwear or clothing and/or accessories that offer ESD protection with our ICETRED™ traction devices.