Safety Glasses Tether
Safety Glasses Tether
Safety Glasses Tether

Safety Glasses Tether

PART NO. H10000

Eyewear is an essential piece of PPE for many industrial workers. While working at height, it's particularly easy to accidentally knock or drop your glasses, so GRIPPS developed our own super light Safety Glasses Tether. Easily adjustable to suit your neck for comfort, they also come with very strong slide-on style GRIPPS to attached to your sunglasses, personal glasses or PPE eyewear. Eliminate the stress of potentially dropping your glasses, knowing you have yourself covered with highly convenient Safety Glasses Tether. An essential item you can easily slip into your pocket, keep in the car, toolbox or simply wear daily!

  • Premium quality wire rope straps
  • Silicone rubber grips that securely hold all styles of safety glasses
  • Adjustable length
  • Load rated 
Product Code: H10000
Max Load: 0.1KG / 0.22LBS
Length Closed: 230MM / 9IN