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Top Shelf Chemical Splash Goggles • 12 pack

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Our eyewear is designed with a body tint to reduce glare, providing clear vision even in bright environments. Featuring a special one-way vent that allows air to enter while keeping liquids out, these glasses offer superior protection. The generously sized heavy-duty body and lens ensure durability and coverage. Additionally, these glasses are designed to fit over most prescription eyewear, making them convenient and versatile. They are dielectric, providing extra safety, and have successfully passed rigorous tests, including D3: Droplet and Splash Test, and D4: Dust Test.

Product Features:

Body tint reduces glare for clear vision in bright environments
Special one-way vent allows air in while keeping liquids out
Generously sized heavy-duty body and lens for durability and coverage
Fits over most prescription eyewear for added convenience
Dielectric for enhanced safety
Passes D3: Droplet and Splash Test, and D4: Dust Test for reliability